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Structural defects

Detailed service concerning the detection of defects on the entire exterior structure of the aircraft including dents, scratches and corrosion.

This service will be provided upon entry into maintenance of the aircraft and will be your point of reference.

Paint defects

Identification of paint defects and wear by analyzing scratches, peeling and potential impacts.

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Lightning strikes

In the event of a lightning strike, the drone will control the entire aircraft to detect entry points, exit points and damages.

Verification of markings

Markings and identification plates are compulsory on airplanes. We offer you a quick and efficient solution to control their presences, their wear and tear, their localisations as well as their P/N identification.

Paint output check

This service allows you to have an overview of the work carried out, in order to guarantee total transparency between you and the maintenance center.

Reliably and precisely, you will have a report that will tell you whether the drone has detected paint defects, which will have to be touched up by the maintenance center.

Comparative study of the aircraft from entry into maintenance to leaving maintenance, in order to gather evidence on which to rely in the event of a dispute to decline your liability.

Before buying an aircraft, you must first know and judge its general condition. We suggest that you scan your aircraft to detect all existing faults. This valuable aid will guide you, so that you can buy or sell your aircraft with peace of mind.

Historical monitoring of aircraft condition

Complete monitoring of the external structural condition of the aircraft from its design or from its acceptance by our services to its resale. It is a real guarantee of confidence for the future buyer.

Our services for customers and their representatives

Specialist in aeronautical visual inspection, we offer a wide range of services that perfectly meet your expectations.

The advantages of the drone

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Time saving

Usually, visual inspections are long processes that require a large number of people involved and therefore a longer downtime of the device.  

We can perform several services at the same time to save you more time and make your planes available more quickly

Cost reduction

Thanks to rapid delivery, reduce aircraft time spent on maintenance, reduce your AOG costs and recover your aircraft faster.

Control report

We write you a detailed, reliable and accurate report using 3D technology. All photographic data will be categorized by defect type and in a logical order, allowing you to locate simply, quickly and intuitively all the detected defects. We carry out real in-depth, quantification and expertise work to provide you with a directly exploitable report.


When requesting a service at the start of maintenance, you will know the exact condition of your aircraft's fuselage as soon as it arrives. You will discover the structural defects detected and will be able to plan the potential repairs to be carried out. In the event of disputes, because of an incident during maintenance, our reports will provide you with comparative evidence on which to rely on insurance companies.

Traceability and history

You have visibility into the condition and natural wear and tear of your aircraft over time. Schedule maintenance or optimal painting appointments to have planes at their maximum of performance. By comparing the history of reports and photos provided during our services, you are finally able to know the structural value of your aircrafts.

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