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drone visual inspection


The performance of the drone, the artificial intelligence and the expertise of our specialists, allow you to access a multitude of information concerning your aircraft.

In base or in line, scan your aircraft to keep track of its general condition and its historical.
Under maintenance, scan your aircraft on entry and exit to have an overview of the work carried out, in order to guarantee total transparency between you and the maintenance center.

Detection services offered by DVI

Structural defects

Detection of defects on the entire exterior structure of the aircraft including dents, scratches and corrosion.

Paint defects / paint out

Identification of paint defects and wear by analyzing chips, peeling and potential impacts. We also offer a paint exit verification service.

Lightning strike

In the event of lightning strikes, the drone will control the entire aircraft to detect entry points, exit points and damage.

Verification of markings

Disputes and insurance

Markings and identification plates are compulsory on airplanes. We offer you a quick and efficient solution to control their presences, their wear and tear, their localisations as well as their P/N identification.

Comparative study of the aircraft at entry into maintenance and at exit from maintenance, in order to gather evidence on which to rely in case of litigation to decline your responsibility.

Aircraft sale / PPI

Before buying an aircraft, you must first know and judge its general condition. We suggest that you scan your aircraft to detect all existing faults. This valuable aid will guide you, so that you can buy or sell your aircraft with peace of mind.

Historical monitoring of aircraft condition

Complete monitoring of the external structural condition of the aircraft from its design or from its taking over by our services until its resale. It is a real guarantee of confidence for the future buyer.


Compilation of HD images taken by the drone. This pack allows you to always keep a historical file in your possession, in particular in the event of a dispute.
Access the 3D view and HD images of your aircraft, anywhere in the world, from the cloud. You'll also receive a complete analysis of your aircraft's condition generated by AI and our structural experts. In a detailed and classified report, locate all defects and paint quality of your aircraft. This way, you can organize the next maintenance visit of your aircraft and ensure a real follow-up, in all transparency.
To save you visual inspection time, call on our services. We offer you a scan as soon as possible. And also, a complete service, including access to the 3D view of the aircraft, HD photos, as well as the detailed report.
This service is highly requested in cases of lightning strikes or sudden immobilization of the aircraft following a defect.
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