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DVI drone visual inspection photo


Why choose us ?

Our specialists come to your planes to carry out your visual inspections by fully automated drone.

Our high-tech drones are specially designed to monitor all structural defects and lightning strikes, as well as paint quality or presence of markings using specially designed algorithms.

After the visual inspection, our specialists write a report using 3D technology to design detailed, reliable and directly usable reports. All detected faults are illustrated with photos and classified by type in a logical order. In-depth, quantification and expert work is carried out in order to provide you with a turnkey report, which will allow you to locate all the faults detected simply, quickly and intuitively.

This will allow you to reliably track your planes. 

The advantages of our drone visual inspection services


LEADER in the market for visual inspection services via a drone


EXPERIENCE more of 14 years of experience in aeronautical structure


PERFORMANCE  technology of the drones used based on constantly evolving algorithms and artificial intelligence.


TIME SAVING  with 10 times faster visual inspection.

Usually, visual inspections are long processes that require a large number of people involved and therefore a longer downtime of the device.  

Perform several services at the same time to save you more time and make your planes available more quickly.


REDUCE COSTS with rapid delivery, reduce aircraft time spent on maintenance, reduce your AOG costs and ensure your deadlines.

Going through a service provider is a financial gain, because it intervenes only when you want it and it can carry out several inspections in a single service, thus accelerating your decision-making in maintenance or in AOG.


RELIABILITY AND QUALITY  of the service with an objective report using high technology. The drone scans the entire fuselage, wings, engines, horizontal and vertical stabilizer,  etc. to detect faults up to 1mm². All faults and damage are located and identified quickly. With the drone, no structural defect can be forgotten during maintenance.


SAFETY of the service with a precise report even in the corners usually inaccessible or dangerous of access due to the height. You no longer need to climb above the cell structure and risk damaging it.

EFFICIENCY AND PRECISION  by producing a detailed report using 3D technology to identify and locate all faults on the aircraft.



TRACEABILITY  by having visibility into the condition and natural wear and tear of your aircraft over time. Plan maintenance or optimal painting appointments to have planes at their maximum performance.

By comparing the history of reports and photos provided during our services, you are finally able to know the structural value of your aircraft.


CUSTOMER SATISFACTION by providing quality expertise that will allow you to monitor your aircraft at the cutting edge of technology.

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