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drone visual inspection

Paint defects

This service will make it possible to precisely determine the wear of a paint. You will be able to establish the follow-up and the planning of a painting in an objective and efficient way.

Excessive loss of paint and shine can have a direct impact on airflow, leading to greater drag and ultimately increased fuel consumption.


We evaluate the quality of the paint to obtain a report on the overall quality of this paint and its wear, in  analyzing and grouping the splinters and chipping of the rivets / screws on the aircraft fuselage.

We will bring you a consistent and objective paint condition assessment to effectively track excessive skin wear loss, triggering warranty claims with paint shops.

In addition, we offer a paint inspection after going to the paint shop in order to check its quality.

  • NEW! A reliable and precise service on the quality of the paint ​​

  • TRACEABILITY  data and reporting history. You will be able to easily compare each inspection carried out on your planes. When entering maintenance to know the wear of the paint and after painting your aircraft to ensure its quality.

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