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drone visual inspection

Structural defects

As soon as the aircraft goes into maintenance, we will carry out a complete and detailed visual inspection of the aircraft in order to precisely locate all the faults. The report will serve as a point of reference.


We will be looking for all the damage: dents, scratches and corrosion on the outer fuselage of the aircraft. Choosing our services allows you to have total transparency on structural defects and therefore on the maintenance of your aircraft.

Human factors in GVI are systematic and very expensive. These lack of defect / damage detection on arrival of the aircraft often lead to unexpected new work, delivery delays and unexpected additional costs. You will have full visibility of the structural defects found on the fuselage of your aircraft.

Thanks to our services, you will also have a complete and objective follow-up of the state of the aircraft over time allowing its perfect traceability.

  • TIME SAVING with 10 times faster visual inspection. Perform several services at the same time to save you more time and make your planes available more quickly

  • RELIABILITY  AND QUALITY of the service with an objective report calling on high technology. The drone scans the entire fuselage, wings, engine nacelles and empennage and detects faults up to  1mm²

  • EFFICIENCY AND PRECISION by producing a detailed report directly exploitable including photos to precisely locate faults on the aircraft

  • TRACEABILITY  data and reporting history. You will be able to easily compare each visual check carried out on your planes.

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION  with a detailed and precise report, benefit from a new service, at the cutting edge of technology

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