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Serrer des mains

Aircraft sale / PPI

A PPI (Pre Purchase Inspection) is a systematic and highly recommended passage, whether you are a buyer or a seller.


Indeed, it is during this unique maintenance that you will have the opportunity to check all the technical and cosmetic aspects of your aircraft.


Our latest generation drone will scan every millimeter of the fuselage, in order to detect all existing defects.


In less than 24 hours, our experts will send you a complete, reliable and precise report,  describing the general condition of your aircraft. This valuable aid will guide you, so that you can buy or sell your aircraft with peace of mind.

  • EFFICIENCY AND PRECISIONby producing a detailed report directly usable with photos to precisely locate the defects on the aircraft

  • TRACEABILITYdata and report available and searchable anywhere in the world. You can thus easily compare each visual inspection carried out on your aircraft​

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION  with a detailed and precise report, with access to new possibilities of latest generation services

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