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DVI drone visual inspection photo

Historical monitoring of aircraft condition

Allowing a complete follow-up of the condition of the exterior structure of the aircraft from its design or from its acceptance by our services to its resale. It is a guarantee of confidence for the future buyer.

The customer will thus have a reliable and precise digital history of the evolution of his aircraft allowing the comparison of faults from one inspection to another.

The customer will be able to receive a compiled and complete report with 3D imagery of all the visual inspection services performed on his aircraft. He will then have a concrete overview of the evolution of his aircraft over time.

  • EFFICIENCY AND PRECISION by producing a detailed report directly usable with photos to precisely locate faults on the aircraft

  • TRACEABILITY of data and report available and searchable anywhere in the world. You will be able to easily compare each visual check carried out on your planes.

  • SATISFACTION OF YOUR CUSTOMERS  with a detailed and precise report, this demonstrates your professionalism to your customers, who have access to new possibilities of latest generation services

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