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drone visual inspection

Paint output check

As part of a paint release, you assure your customer that there are no touch-ups to be done after a complete painting of their aircraft, especially in non-visible areas related to their height.

​You will be able to confirm that it has been carried out in full compliance with your expectations.

Thanks to the paint exit verification inspection, you will have a report that will confirm your transparency towards your customer, guaranteeing him an optimal quality of service.

  • TIME SAVING with 10 times faster visual inspection. Perform several services at the same time to save you more time and make your planes available more quickly

  • COST REDUCTION because the service provider intervenes only when you want it and he can complete several work cards in a single service

  • RELIABILITY  AND QUALITY of the service with an objective report calling on high technology. The drone scans the entire fuselage, wings, engine nacelles and empennage and detects faults up to  1mm²

  • SAFETY of the service with a precise report even in the corners usually inaccessible or dangerous to access. You no longer need to climb above the cell structure and risk damaging it

  • EFFICIENCY AND PRECISION by producing a detailed report that can be directly used with photos to precisely locate faults on the aircraft

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