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DVI drone visual inspection photo

Disputes and insurance

Disputes can arise during or after aircraft maintenance. We offer you an aircraft maintenance entry report to ensure traceability of the aircraft's structural condition over time.

You thus know all the impacts on the fuselage of the aircraft before each maintenance. You can then compare the aircraft fuselage when entering maintenance and during maintenance.

With the help of the reports, you have reliable and precise evidence which will serve as support with the insurance companies, which will make it possible to limit the increase in insurance premiums.

  • EFFICIENCY AND PRECISION by producing a detailed report directly usable with photos to precisely locate faults on the aircraft

  • TRACEABILITY of data and report available and searchable anywhere in the world. You will be able to easily compare each visual check carried out on your planes.

  • SATISFACTION OF YOUR CUSTOMERS  with a detailed and precise report, this demonstrates your professionalism to your customers, who have access to new possibilities of latest generation services

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