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drone visual inspection

Structural defects

As soon as the aircraft goes into maintenance, we will carry out a complete and detailed visual inspection of the fuselage, in order to precisely locate all the damage: dents, scratches and corrosion. The report will serve as a point of reference.

You will discover the structural defects detected and will be able to quickly send your experts (structure / NDT) and start the repairs more quickly.

Human factors in GVI are systematic and very expensive. These lack of defect/damage detection on arrival of the aircraft often lead to unexpected new work, delivery delays and warranty claims from the various operators. The human eye has its limits while the drone enjoys unparalleled reliability.

This service will save you from long and complex procedures and will undoubtedly promote significant savings for you, as well as better customer satisfaction.

You will receive a reliable and precise report. All photographic data will be classified by type of defect and in a logical order, allowing you to locate all the defects detected simply, quickly and intuitively.

We carry out real in-depth, quantification and expertise work to provide you with a directly exploitable report.

  • TIME SAVING with 10 times faster visual inspection. Perform several services at the same time to save you more time and make your planes available more quickly

  • COST REDUCTION because the service provider intervenes only when you want it and he can complete several work cards in a single service

  • RELIABILITY  AND QUALITY of the service with an objective report calling on high technology. The drone scans the entire fuselage, wings, engine nacelles and empennage and detects faults up to  1mm²

  • SAFETY of the service with a precise report even in recesses which are usually inaccessible or dangerous to access. You no longer need to climb above the cell structure and risk damaging it

  • EFFICIENCY AND PRECISION by producing a detailed report directly usable with photos to precisely locate faults on the aircraft

  • TRACEABILITY  data and reporting history. You will be able to easily compare each visual check carried out on your planes.

  • SATISFACTION OF YOUR CUSTOMERS  with a detailed and precise report, this demonstrates your professionalism to your customers, who have access to new possibilities of latest generation services

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