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drone visual inspection

Paint defects

This service will make it possible to precisely determine the wear of a paint. You can offer painting maintenance to the customer with reliable supporting evidence.

Excessive loss of paint and shine can have a direct impact on airflow, leading to greater drag and ultimately increased fuel consumption.
There is currently no objective data to assess the quality of the paint on the entire fleet and prioritize the repainting of aircraft.


We evaluate the quality of the paint to obtain a report on the overall quality of this paint and its wear, in  analyzing and grouping the splinters and chipping of the rivets / screws on the aircraft fuselage. Your client will be able to follow  objectively the evolution of the painting of his aircraft over time to schedule more efficient painting maintenance.

We will bring you a consistent and objective paint condition assessment to effectively track excessive skin wear loss, triggering warranty claims with paint shops.

This new service that you can offer to your customers is a considerable advantage compared to other maintenance stations. Be the first to offer it and get more maintenance contracts.

  • NEW! A reliable and precise service on the quality of the paint

  • COST REDUCTION because the service provider intervenes only when you want it and he can complete several work cards in a single service

  • SAFETY of the service with a precise report even in recesses which are usually inaccessible or dangerous to access. You no longer need to climb above the cell structure and risk damaging it

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